IPPSA 29th Annual Conference. March 12-14, 2023. The Fairmont Banff Springs, Banff, Alberta

Duane Reid-Carlson

Duane Reid-Carlson

President and CEO
EDC Associates Ltd

Duane Reid-Carlson has 29 years’ experience working in the oil and gas, petrochemical and electric industries.  He is currently the President of EDC Associates Ltd—a company that he founded in 1992.  Since that time Mr. Reid-Carlson has led a team of energy economic analysts that have been responsible for providing electric energy supply, demand and price forecast information, energy procurement, risk management, generation development and regulatory analytical services.  These services and information is generally used by participants in the electric industry to help support short and long-term energy procurement and investment decisions.

Mr. Reid-Carlson holds a B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta, Canada. 

Mr. Reid-Carlson is a Director of the Independent Power Producers Society of Alberta (IPPSA).  

Following graduation he gained direct oil, gas, pipeline and petrochemical experience working on projects in the Middle East and later in the UK.  Working in Alberta, he has led numerous electric utility planning forecast studies used to assess the need and timing of generation, transmission and distribution facilities.  In electricity price forecast matters, he has been instrumental in the development of software used internally, as well as commercially by clients, to assess future marginal and imbedded electricity pricing in Alberta and other jurisdictions in the US. 

Mr. Reid-Carlson has authored a series of studies concerning the fundamentals of several electricity jurisdictions, most notably for the Alberta market, that have been utilized by industry, utilities, generation developers and marketers to aid in their energy procurement and capital project decision making processes.  He has presented the findings of these studies at many industry conferences and regularly facilitates an introductory course on electric industry operations and restructuring. 

Mr. Reid-Carlson has developed evidence and provided expert witness testimony in the electric industry with respect to several legal and regulatory proceedings.

Evidence and expert testimony has been given before the AEUB in respect of regulatory proceedings on behalf of the following;

  • AltaLink management Ltd., regarding AESO North-South 500 kV Transmission Development Application, December 2004
  • Senior Petroleum Producers Association (SPPA), regarding ATCO 2003/04/05 GTA, April 2003
  • ESBI Alberta Ltd. (EAL), the applicant, regarding its 1999-2000 GTA, Phase 1 Forecast Panel, September 1999
  • Written evidence has been developed and provided in respect of several other applications – some confidential

Evidence has been developed in respect of legal proceedings on behalf of the following;

  • Calpine Canada Energy Limited et al: Action No. 0501-17864, November 2007
  • Canadian Hydro versus First Canadian Electric Inc.
  • Canadian Hydro versus Veco Engineering Et al
  • Written evidence has been developed and provided in respect of several other confidential applications