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Julia Frayer

Julia Frayer

Managing Director
London Economics International LLC

Julia Frayer is a Managing Director at London Economics International LLC (“LEI”) with more than 24 years of experience providing expert insights and consulting services in the power and infrastructure industries. She has worked extensively in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia on a range of issues in the electricity sector, including wholesale market analysis (to support policy analysis, investment and commercial strategy, resource planning, M&A due diligence, and wholesale market design). Julia also has experience with regulatory matters in the electricity sector, including regulatory guidance, implementation plans for new policies, tariff design, performance-based ratemaking, and competition policy and market power regulation.

Julia is currently advising clients on various wholesale market design issues in several US markets. This includes crafting solutions to address New England’s clean energy challenges, cost-benefit analysis of various clean energy policies and programs in New York, and the assessment of capacity market reforms across the US market. Julia is also working with industry stakeholders on market reforms in ERCOT (Texas) following the unexpected and costly supply interruptions in February 2021. Many of Julia’s recent research undertakings are focused on transitional and permanent arrangements as well as supportive regulatory reforms that will smooth the pathway for sustainable, economy-wide decarbonization over the next 20 years. She has led a number of 20-30 year planning studies, including “Grid of the Future” simulation-based power system forecasts, and socio-economic explorations of innovative technology such as long-duration storage, carbon capture and sequestration, hydrogen fuel, and considered the role of transmission and distributed energy resources in the power system mix of the future.

Julia has additionally investigated the ‘real-world’ trade-offs and cost-benefit studies of different wholesale market designs and institutional approaches to decarbonization. This work involves a multi-disciplinary approach and in-depth understanding of wholesale market dynamics and system operations, demand forecasting (to account for changing consumer behavior and electrification trends in other sectors of the economy), regulatory economics (including views on how transmission and distribution rates will be set in the future, examination of support mechanisms for DERs, and other grid advancements), and utility business models.

Outside North America, Julia has worked extensively on incentive rate design, renewable investment strategies, decarbonization policies, and privatization initiatives. In Canada, she has worked with both provincially-owned and investor-owned utilities, independent power producers, consumers, industry stakeholders, and policymakers. Julia has appeared before a number of Provincial regulators, including the Alberta Utilities Commission, the Ontario Energy Board, the Régie de l’énergie.