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2022 Spring Webinars

Get to Net


The imminent release of the federal government’s Net 0 by 2035 plans for the electricity industry sets the stage for the most dramatic changes to Alberta’s electricity industry in years.  IPPSA invites you to attend two webinars to discuss that plan’s opportunities and implications. 

Please note that the webinars will take place on Mountain Daylight Time and will not be recorded.

Get to Net – Webinar 1

Tuesday March 29, 2022

07:50 – 08:00
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08:00 – 08:30
Opening Keynote: Ottawa’s Net 0 Plan

IPPSA is pleased to welcome Mr. John Moffet to provide an overview of the federal government’s Net 0 by 2035 plan for Canada’s electricity industries.   This plan sets the stage for the most dramatic change to Alberta’s electricity industry in years.            

John Moffet, Assistant Deputy Minister, Environment and Climate Change Canada
Soren Halverson, Special Advisor to the Deputy Minister, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Q & A

8:30 – 09:45
Session 1: Impact of Net 0 on Alberta’s Electricity Industry and Economy

What will happen when the rubber hits the road?  Panel members will provide their observations on what the federal plan will mean for consumers, generators, policy-makers and agencies.   Specifically, what needs to be done to ensure targets are met, reliability is guaranteed and affordability is secured?

Caroline Lee, Senior Research Associate, Canadian Climate Institute

Jason Chee-Aloy, Managing Director, Power Advisory
Duane Reid Carlson, President and CEO, EDC Associates Ltd
Julia Frayer, Managing Director, London Economics International LLC

Q & A

09:45 – 11:00
Session 2: Net 0 Technologies and Pathways

This panel will feature updates on the latest technologies and pathways to aid in achieving Net 0.    Panel members will focus on how the pathways can help achieve reductions, at what cost, and what if any policy or market barriers exist to their adoption.

Evan Bahry, Executive Director, IPPSA

Justin Rangooni, Executive Director, Energy Storage Canada
Kendall Dilling, Vice President, Environment and Regulatory, Cenovus Energy and Interim Director, Oil Sands Pathways to Net Zero
Steve Coupland, Director, Regulatory and Environmental Affairs, Canadian Nuclear Association

Q & A

11:00 – 12:15
Session 3: Investors’ Perspectives (Part 1)

Today’s webinar closes with insights from a number of key generation investors and what they believe these targets mean for Alberta.  What is needed from the market and policy makers in order to achieve them?

Miranda Keating Erickson, Vice President, Markets, Alberta Electric System Operator

Daniel Jurijew, Vice President, Government Relations and Regulatory and Environmental Policy, Capital Power
Tim Boston, Vice President, Government Relations, ENMAX Corporation and IPPSA Chair
Scott Perry, Vice President, Business Development, Greengate Power
Lisa Mueller, President and CEO, FutEra Power

Q & A

Get to Net – Webinar 2 

Tuesday April 5, 2022

07:50 – 08:00
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08:00 – 08:30
KEYNOTE:   Alberta’s Net 0 Response
Essential to achieving the federal government’s targets is the provincial government’s response.    TIER design, TIER technology investments and carbon capture regulation are just some of the massive policy matters in play.     

Bev Yee, Deputy Minister, Environment and Parks, Government of Alberta

Q & A

08:30 – 09:45
Session 4: Electrification

IPPSA welcomes a cross-section of panelists addressing the potential for – and important considerations in – broad-based electrification.    What technologies are consumers most interested in ‘pulling’?  How can grids be updated in a manner that responds to customer choice, yet achieves economies of scale and guards against excessive impacts on delivered costs?   This panel will share perspectives from both the service providers and the regulator that oversees them.

Andrea Roszell, Director, Global Energy, Sustainability and Infrastructure, Guidehouse

Kristjana Kellgren, Executive Director, Rates, Alberta Utilities Commission
Terri-Lynn Duque, Director, Strategic Innovation, ENMAX Power Corporation

Q & A

09:45 – 11:00
Session 5: Investors’ Perspectives (Part 2)
IPPSA’s webinar series closes with further insights from generation investors after hearing from two days of policy, technologies and pathways.   What do these generators believe the targets mean for Alberta and what do they believe is needed from the market and policy makers in order to achieve them?

Marie-France Samaroden, Vice President, Grid Reliability Operations
Alberta Electric System Operator

Laura Arnold, Sr. Manager, External Affairs, Regulatory and Market Policy, TransAlta
Shana Boyd, Director, Energy Transition, Heartland Generation
Micheline Pion, CFO Evolugen

Q & A

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